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Tools Help
Below are the Tools and their descriptions.

SSL Checker - Checks the SSL certificate of a website and provides information on its validity and security status.
Article Spinner Pro (Multiple Languages) - A tool that automatically rewrites articles in multiple languages to create unique content.
QR Code Generator - Generates QR codes that can be scanned using a mobile device to access information or links.
SSL Converter - A tool that converts SSL certificates from one format to another.
Plagiarism Checker Pro - A tool that checks for plagiarism in text by comparing it with other sources online.
Favicon Generator Tool - Creates a favicon for a website, which is a small icon that appears in the browser tab next to the website title.
Flag Counter - Displays the number of visitors to a website from different countries using a flag counter widget.
Free Proxy List - Provides a list of proxy servers that can be used to browse the web anonymously.
Grammar Checker (26+ Languages) - A tool that checks for grammar and spelling errors in text in multiple languages.
Text To Speech Converter - Converts written text into spoken audio using text-to-speech technology.
Currency Converter - Converts currency values from one currency to another based on current exchange rates.
Certificate Decoder - Decodes SSL certificates to view information such as the issuer, expiration date, and key length.
Certificate Key Matcher - A tool that matches a certificate's private key with its corresponding public key.
Change Text Case - Converts text to different capitalization styles, such as uppercase or lowercase.
Check CSR - Verifies the authenticity and validity of a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) used to obtain an SSL certificate.
Check GZIP compression - Checks whether a website is using GZIP compression, which can improve website loading times.
Wordpress Theme Detector - Detects the theme and plugins used by a WordPress website.
Is Your Website Down Right Now - Checks whether a website is currently down or not.
Adsense Calculator - Calculates estimated revenue from Google AdSense based on website traffic and click-through rates.
Age Calculator - Calculates a person's age based on their birthdate.
Apps Rank Tracking Tool - Tracks the ranking of mobile apps in app stores such as Apple's App Store and Google Play.
Article Density Checker - Analyzes the density of keywords and phrases in an article to optimize it for SEO.
Paraphraser Tool Lite - Rewrites text to avoid plagiarism and improve readability.
Average Calculator - Calculates the average of a set of numbers.
Base64 to Image - Converts Base64-encoded images into image files.
Binary Calculator - Calculates binary operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
Binary to Text - Converts binary code into text.
Binary Translator - Translates text into binary code.
Bitcoin Price Calculator - Calculates the current value of Bitcoin based on market prices.
Diff Checker: Compare two text files or documents and highlight the differences between them.
Disavow File Generator: Create a file of URLs that you want Google to ignore when evaluating your website's backlink profile.
Donate Button Generator: Generate a custom donation button for your website or blog.
Email Validator: Check if an email address is valid and exists.
Fake Address Generator: Generate random personal details, including name, address, phone number, etc., for use in testing or other purposes.
Hex Calculator: Convert decimal numbers to hexadecimal and vice versa.
HTML Decoder: Decode HTML-encoded text back to plain text.
HTML Encoder: Encode text as HTML entities for use in web pages.
Image Crop Tool: Crop and resize images online.
Image Pencil Effect: Apply a pencil drawing effect to images.
Image to Base64: Convert an image to a Base64-encoded string.
Keyword Suggestion Tool v2: Generate keyword ideas for your website or blog.
Keywords Rich Domains Suggestions Tool: Find available domain names containing your chosen keywords.
Line Counter: Count the number of lines in a text file.
Link Tracker: Track clicks on your website's links and monitor their performance.
Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool: Find long-tail keyword ideas for your website or blog.
Long to Short Link Converter: Shorten long URLs to make them more shareable.
Lorem Ipsum Generator: Generate placeholder text for your website or design projects.
Mobile Friendly Test: Test your website's mobile-friendliness and get suggestions for improvements.
Moz Backlink Extractor: Extract backlinks pointing to any URL.
Network Speed Tester: Test your internet connection speed.
Numbers to Words Converter: Convert numbers to words in English.
Open Graph Checker: Check if your website's Open Graph tags are properly set up.
Open Graph Generator: Generate Open Graph tags for your website.
Password Encryption Utility: Encrypt passwords for secure storage and transmission.
Password Generator: Generate strong and secure passwords.
Password Strength Checker: Check the strength of your passwords.
Random Word Generator: Generate random words for use in creative writing or other purposes.
Readability Checker: Analyze the readability of your website's content.
Remove Duplicate Lines: Remove duplicate lines from a text file.
Resize Image: Resize and scale images online.
Reverse Image Search: Search the web for similar images based on an uploaded image.
Reverse Text Generator: Reverse the order of text.
Roman Numerals Date Converter: Convert dates to Roman numerals.
Schema Markup Generator: Generate schema markup for your website's content.
Small Text Generator: Generate small text for use in social media or other purposes.
Social Stats Checker: Check the social media statistics for any URL.
Youtube Backlink Generator: Generate backlinks from YouTube to your website.
Text Compare: Compare two pieces of text and highlight the differences between them.
Text to Binary: Convert text to binary code.
Text to Image: Convert text to an image for use in web design or other purposes.
Twitter Card Checker: Check if your website's Twitter Cards are properly set up.
Twitter Card Generator: Generate Twitter Cards for your website.
Upside Down Text Generator: Generate upside-down text for use in social media or other purposes.
Urdu Typing Tool: Type in Urdu script online.
Add Line Numbers to Text: Add line numbers to a text file.
CSS Minifier: Minify CSS code to reduce file size and improve website loading speed.
HTML Compressor: Compress HTML code to reduce file size and improve website loading speed.
Image Optimizer: This tool helps you optimize your images for web use, making them smaller in size without compromising their quality. Some examples of free image optimizer tools include, TinyPNG, and
JS Minifier: A tool that minifies your JavaScript code by removing unnecessary spaces, line breaks, and other characters. Some popular free JS minifiers include UglifyJS and Closure Compiler.
Website Hit Counter: A tool that tracks the number of visitors to your website. Some free website hit counter tools include Hit Counter & Visitor Counter by Web-Stat, Site Meter, and StatCounter.
Website Reviewer: A tool that analyzes your website and provides feedback on factors such as page speed, mobile-friendliness, and search engine optimization. Some free website reviewer tools include SEMrush Site Audit, WooRank, and HubSpot Website Grader.
Website Value Calculator: A tool that estimates the value of a website based on various factors such as traffic, revenue, and domain authority. Some free website value calculator tools include,, and
Word Combiner: A tool that combines multiple words into a single phrase or keyword. Some free word combiner tools include MergeWords and WordCombiner.
XML to JSON: A tool that converts XML code into JSON format. Some free XML to JSON conversion tools include XML to JSON Converter by Convert Town and XML to JSON Converter by Code Beautify.
Rotate Image Online: A tool that allows you to rotate your images online without needing to download any software. Some free rotate image online tools include Online Image Editor and Free Online Image Rotator.

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