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  • The number of backlinks to your website matters a lot for your SEO.
  • Everyone who has a website wants to rank it at the top of search engine results pages.
  • Search engine optimization is the only way to achieve this goal. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) based on two techniques of on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-Page SEO is about content and its optimization, but Off-Page is about social signals and backlinks.
  • We think to develop the newly designed websites. It is difficult for search engines to index these websites. To meet this need, you need to get backlinks from different platforms to attract search engine crawlers to your web pages.
  • The more Backlinks you have, the better the search engines will judge your site to be popular and rank it better.

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Importance of Backlinks.

A website with more backlinks tends to gain a high position is the SERPs.

If many websites are linked to a page, then the importance of that page will be increased and the page will be ranked high.

In order to get a high ranking, the website will get organic traffic from the search engine results pages

 It is therefore essential to gain backlinks for the website to make it visible on the first pages of search engine results.

Google especially gives more credit to backlinks that are relevant, natural, and have high authority.

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We do not take orders online, as it is almost impossible for us to guarantee an exact time frame,
as it all depends on the number of orders that are being executed.

Below you will find our best prices to help your website really rise in search engine results

Articles/Backlinks Price Average times
500 149 € 15 days
1000 285 € 30 days
2500 685 € 45 days
5000 1 340 € 55 days
10000 2 610 € 90 days


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